5 Things You Should Know About Web Push Notifications

Have you heard of this recently launched amazing technology called Web Push Notifications?

Web Push notifications are a new way to reach your audience which is completely taking over the marketing industry.

Web Push notifications are clickable messages that any website can send to a user’s browsers. These messages are totally network dependant and are delivered instantly and in real time. This means even if the user is not online at the time of delivery of messages, he will still receive it when he logs into his browser.

Now, before you send out your first web push notification, I would like to tell you a few things which you should definitely know about:

  1. It is an explicitly permission based channel: You cannot send a notification to your user unless he has opted in to receive notifications from your website.
  2. Your notification copy plays a crucial role in determining the click through of web push notifications: The web push copy needs to be clear, crisp, pervasive and should have a definite call to action. Only if the user finds any incentive for himself in the notification, will he click on it.
  3. Timing plays a very important role: It’s very important to time your notifications according to your subscribers. Also, don’t forget to keep the time-zone of your subscriber in mind.
  4. Don’t do a notification blast: Don’t send out notifications too frequently. Just because you can send notifications anytime you want, does not mean that you necessarily have to.
  5. Don’t follow the one-shoe-fits all strategy for all your subscribers: Segment your users into various buckets, optimize your push copy and then send it to all your user buckets.


I would like to give you one bonus point: Do not rely on click through rate as the only metric to track the performance of web push notifications. Use UTM parameters in your link of notification and track the user activity, your purchases, free trials, subscriptions etc.

This is it from my end. If you have any doubts or thoughts, please feel free to comment below.

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