Web Design for Small Business

I must admit. It is hard to persuade or prove to fellow Filipinos that having a website will sky rocket their businesses’ growth. I always approach owners at stalls on the mall and ask them if they were interested in having a website for their business. I am amazed by how many people still don’t know what is the internet and how they can benefit from it. I am a bit surprised that most of them thought that I was a scammer. I find it funny though and I can’t blame them. I never dresses well like a salesman. I just approach someone upfront spontaneously. I mean, I wanted to help and I was just passing by.

The benefits of having a web site designed and developed for your business is crucial. Have you ever searched the internet for a service and found that the one you found is located somewhere in the US or in Cebu? While you are in the opposite part of the country. Then you found out that the service you’re looking for is just around the corner? Businesses, big or small, needs a website. People will almost always search the internet first before they go ask a family, relative or a friend about their needs. Why? Because its easier!

Let’s breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of having a website for a business.

Advantages of a Business Website

Customers will search the internet first before asking or searching offline.
Business websites provides instant contact and connection with your customers or clients.
Web sites for businesses are easy to set up and maintain.
Almost anyone knows how to surf the internet.
Anyone can access your business 24 hours a day.
Having a business name on your domain will build trust to your clients.
The whole world is your audience
Disadvantages of a Business Website

You have to pay for a small price for the hosting and domain.
You might need to update the page once in a while and if you don’t know how to code. This could be a problem. But most of the time, web designers and developers are willing to do this for you for free or a small price. The good thing is, there is another option, you may want to tell the developer to install a CMS (Content Management System) on the site that will let you edit the site without having to learn any coding.

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