Web Industry in the Philippines

With the rapid growth of internet business in the Philippines. It is most likely that companies would look for skills with regards to the web industry.

With regards to web design, I can clearly say that the Philippines is one of the most talented with regards to creativity on the web. I have known tons of web designers that have huge talent in web design that works for companies that pay them 1 / 4 of what they should be earning. Though the skills of web designers are top notch in the country. Some people take advantage of the low price labor in the Philippines to run their web design business. I know because I have been into one.

SEO in the Philippines and Bloggers

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is kind of under rated in the country. And I have not yet found any good ones that really know what they are doing with regards to SEO. Not to mention bloggers that will talk about promoting their site to social networks to get tons of traffic = money. This is a myth and should be changed. For months I have been learning SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing, and I have come to find out that not many people (especially bloggers in the Philippines) know how to optimize their site. How did I know that they don’t know how to optimize their site? Notice when they do not make a post on their blog, their blog dies. I am not saying I’m a guru in this field, but come on, I bet you notice that, everybody is just posting what other sites have already posted. If problogger posted something, it would spread like wild fire. It’s just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash. Nothing new, nothing useful. Optimization is for the long term result, now, why aren’t getting this long term result to traffic that they are talking about? . . . . Because they don’t know how…

Can you see the opportunity here? Not too many people know how to optimize, when offline business take it online, they would need the expertise of an Internet Marketing Specialist in the Philippines. Not just people who know how to optimize pinay sexscandal post.

In reality, SEO Specialist and Internet Marketing in the Philippines would be a lucrative job. I already know someone getting paid 50,000 Pesos (starting) for this job position, and he wants to have an increase next month.


I would rather be a specialist in internet marketing and do my own affiliate business than work for a company.

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