Where To Invest Your Money As A Web Designer

Web design is a business. Freelancers are businessmen. Small time, yes. But still, they don’t have a boss to answer to so that makes them a businessman. In starting out as a freelance web designer, you are in charge of how far you can go, everything is up to you. Now, when you start to earn money from your web design works, always remember that in business, you need to invest in order to grow.

Always remember that the money you earn in web design as a freelancer is not totally yours. The government has part of it (tax) and most of it are for your business. Only allot 10% of your earnings as yours to be freely spent (living expenses). The rest, you should reinvest in your business. Here is a list of things that you should pay attention to and spend your money when you already have your web design business taking off the ground.

Invest On Stock Photos. Always remember that picture paints a thousand words. In web design, this is important, if you can replace a bunch of texts into a good looking picture, its golden. And besides, web designers are artist that wants to make the site look good. Purchasing lots of stock photos from the start is a good investment that you can never go wrong. Plus, you can keep them and use them again and again. Start collecting premium and high quality photos, don’t be afraid to buy them if its really good. That differentiate a good designer from a noob. Noobs only use google & find stock images, professional designers invest their money for high quality images.

Invest On Tools, Add Ons & Other Programs. If you’re using photoshop to make your web designs, you know that there are a lot of things that you can add on to it. Brushes, patterns that all comes in different varieties made by other web designers. Some of it are free, some of it are not. This is also a good investment as they can save you a lot of time rather than making the same effect over and over again.

Invest Icons, Eye candies. I definitely hate making icons. They are so small yet they take so much time to create. But the good thing is that they can be bought. If you think you are wasting time in doing these kinds of stuff, buying them is the best option.

Invest In Yourself. The best investment that you can never go wrong is yourself. Purchase videos, dvds, tutorials or training seminars & even subscription to design magazines to further enhance your design skills. Buy tickets to conventions like Graphika Manila where you can broaden your knowledge on the latest trends. There is no limit when it comes to web design. Since we are fueled by creativity, it has no limits. The best way to be on top of this industry is to always be aware of the latest trends, effects, and make sure that you have the money to grow your knowledge in the field.

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